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Despite a very demanding job as a nurse, involving long nights of work in the hospital, Nacim Belhouachi manages to advance his fighting career. Author of a beautiful performance in his last fight, he will return to put on another show on September 7 at HEXAGONE MMA 11.

“Before I started MMA, when I was doing my research to find a club, I also enquired about the best fighters at the time. The funny thing is that over time, there are many of these who have become my training partners, and some are even my friends. The anecdote, told with a smile, describes the beautiful trajectory of Nacim Belhouachi, 28, a pure product of the North exiled in Paris. Originally from Dunkirk, where he practiced judo for a long time before trying Thai boxing, the young man finally switched to MMA on arriving in the capital, as a “logical continuation” of his martial arts career.
“At that time, in 2016, it was a popular sport, and by practicing it, I quickly found myself competing, which allowed me to evolve quickly. “
Well helped by his past as a judoka, Nacim Belhouachi has built a style based on ground controls and ground and pound. But he assures us, “If my adversary wants to go to war, I will give him what he wants.”

“Stopping work is not a option”

Belhouachi prefers to take fights “one after the other”, without thinking too far ahead.
“Stopping work is not an option! There is a lot of uncertainty. You need to have a job. »
His job is as a nurse, working many nights at a hospital.
“Often when I work overnight, I stay up after my shift ends and I go straight to morning training. In these conditions, you have to be careful not to hurt yourself through fatigue! It’s quite challenging to manage, but it’s a choice, and it works for me. »
Even if his pace of life is satisfactory enough, Nacim Belhouachi is well aware that it risks slowing down his sporting progress.
“Obviously it’s going to be problematic in the long run. But that’s the way it is for now. You have to just accept it. »