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An involved father, Bruno Conti struggles between odd jobs to support his family. His next appearance in the cage, scheduled for September 7, will provide a great opportunity for him to shine, and add a new submission to his record.

In the 3 years since the birth of his little girl, Bruno Conti has “softened”, according to his sister: “Sometimes I wonder how he goes from loving father to mean fighter in the cage.”
Her comment strikes a chord as the ferocity of the Argentinian is uncontestable. A formidable finisher, Bruno Conti has clocked up two knockout victories as well as eight submissions among his professional successes, that include arm bar, kimura, arm-head choke… Variety prevails. Paradoxically, it was through kickboxing that he was introduced to martial arts shortly after entering adulthood.
“I liked it, but after a while, I decided to stop with striking sports. It was too limited, unlike MMA,” he says, now aged 30. “I joined a club that is very focused on jiu-jitsu, which explains my high ratio of submissions. Now, my strong point is really the ground game, but I don’t exclude anything. “

“It’s a real challenge to get by on a daily basis”

Despite his strong performance in the cage and the fact that, “MMA is developing a lot in Argentina”, Bruno Conti is still struggling to make ends meet.
“It’s a real challenge to get by on a daily basis. Between my daughter, my training and my work, I don’t have enough time. His solution for now is to work back-to-back, odd jobs – “in electricity or mechanics” – to save precious pesos so that he can dedicate himself “100%” to MMA as a fight approaches. His work environment may not be optimal, but the South American knows that he must persevere if he wants to succeed, and one day, live fully from his passion.
“He is optimistic, dedicated and focused on the future. That’s why he manages it,” concludes his big sister.