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Often travelling to the prestigious Allstars Training Center in Stockholm, Tamerlan Albiekov trains in an ideal setting, alongside many of the world’s leading MMA figures. Now it’s up to him to make a name for himself, performing at home in the HEXAGONE MMA cage.

For the past few years, a training centre in Stockholm has been the focus of attention of the entire MMA world. Famous for its intensive working methods and for the champions who reside there, the Allstars Training Center enjoys an aura of prestige which accompanies all its representatives during their outings in the cage.
Frenchman Tamerlan Albiekov, 23, is one of those people : “Originally, I just came for a two-week camp in Sweden. But Khamzat Chimaev, the star there, offered for me to stay and train. It is with some thanks to him that I integrated there, as he opened the door for me.”
Between the two men, a common point is their shared roots in the Caucasus mountains. Because even though he has lived in France for fifteen years, Tamerlan Albiekov is originally from Chechnya, a small republic in the Russian Federation.

“A warrior state of mind”

“I arrived in 2007, and my adaptation to France was smooth,” recalls the young fighter. “I quickly learned to speak the language, I got my scientific baccalaureate, and I even started studying medicine! But eventually, I quit university. It was difficult, and I wanted to do MMA.
Indeed, since his discovery of mixed martial arts after ten years of practicing judo, Tamerlan Albiekov aspires to a great career in the cage. And in addition to his fighting skills, the young man also relies on his mindset to perform at the highest level.
“Because of our past, Chechens have a warlike mindset. I think it helps me a lot, and it will continue to help me in the future. “
Confident but full of humility, Tamerlan Albiekov is well on his way to making people talk about him.