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Amazing fight night in Reims !


Amazing fight night in Reims !

HXMMA 2 France


MMA or Mixed Martial Arts is this new fighting sport that comes from Brazil and the United States. It has been developing since the early 90’s and is considered by athletes as the “king of combat sports”.
MMA combines the practice of Judo, Karate, Wrestling, Boxing, Kickboxing and some other combat sports. Very spectacular, it is qualified as a “foot-fist” combat sport, unlike boxing which is a “fist” sport. For the safety of the fighters and the public, it takes place in a closed arena in order to avoid the fall of an athlete outside the ring.

HEXAGONE MMA, the French MMA league launched in 2021, has a double ambition in France:

  • Help to discover this new combat sport already very popular in the world, to the greatest number of French people through organization of events for the audience, in emblematic venues of our country.
  • To allow the French professional fighters under the aegis of the FMMAF (French MMA Federation), to have International exposure through a French MMA organization of international class.

Thus, since July 2021, HEXAGONE MMA organizes shows between French and international athletes broadcasted in 70 countries. Rooster is 10 events per season and takes place everywhere throughout the country, in regions, French oversea territories and in the world famous capital city, Paris.

The founders of HEXAGONE MMA are professionals of combat sports, event organization and television who have combined their talents to offer the best of MMA, this new spectacular sport to be discovered everywhere in France!